Don Bosco School

Principal's Message

Fr. Babu Varghese SDB

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Don Bosco School, Kokar, Ranchi is a truly special school.Throughout the history of Don Bosco School, Ranchi, academic excellence and high achievement levels have consistently placed it among the top schools ofRanchi. Moreover, the Bosconians understand that their success is measured through their character, holistic development and positive leadership as much it is by their grades and test scores.

A common thread throughout Don Bosco School’s storied past is the strong teaching staff and support personnel.The dedication of the staff, their technical skills and collaboration ensure that the school meets the needs of all the students. The school cares deeply for the health and welfare of the students.Together we will form a team of caring individuals who everyday strive for our students to be good students and honest citizens.

The parental and community support has also been a constant encouragement, throughout the years. The tight knit bond that exists is an essential component of Don BoscoSchool. It is that support which enables Don Bosco School to produce such a positive educational experience that allows each Bosconian to reach their full potential.

Don Bosco School, Kokar, a dream work of Fr. Guido Colussistarted in 1998,can recall with a sense of pride the contribution of many Salesians of New Delhi Province and the leadership ofFr. Davis Maniparamben, Fr. Vijay Soy and Fr. Jyotish Kindo as Principals.They were great visionaries, men of high values, so bountiful in guidance – we remember them with love. Fr. JyotishKindo most earnestly continued that tradition. His selfless service, his dedication and his performance as a progressive educationist is unrivalled. I stand in admiration as I think of all the great Principals before me. A sincere word of gratitude to all of them for inspiring me and challenging me by their lives and works.

As the Principal, I certainly have a vision for Don Bosco School, Kokar:

‘By providing quality and holistic education in the Salesian Family environment, Don Bosco School, Kokar, Ranchi will empower individuals to become caring, competent, and responsible citizens who value education as a life-long process.’

In the days ahead, Don Bosco School, Kokar, Ranchi will move from a good school to a better school.Our togetherness will make Don Bosco School a safehaven for all Bosconians.Don Bosco School will become the inspiring place to be!

On a personal note,I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with the highly qualified and dedicated staff, the wonderful students, and the supportive parents. I would like to thank each one of you for your overwhelming support and love shown to me since I became the Principal.It is a responsibility that I will take very seriously, and I will work tirelessly and sincerely to ensure the best for all those associated with Don Bosco School, Kokar.My faith in God coupled with my human outlook towards life and your constant support will enable me to take Don BoscoSchool to greater heights.I come with optimism and lots of enthusiasm to inscribe fresh chapters in the book of Don Bosco School, Kokar.I am sure that being with you here at Don Boscowill be a fantastic and joyful experience for me.

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will come true!

Fr. Babu Varghese SDB
Don Bosco School, Kokar, Ranchi

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